Short, concise,
fast-moving to the point
Brings great energy, ideas, and… opportunities to light for you
A true



April 1, 2023 4.30pm book signing


Liberty States Fiction Writers Annual Conference

Brand Land: What is Author Brand and Why Readers Care

event with author Roz Lee (basket donation) 

Hilton Garden Inn in Hamilton, NJ

April 12, 2023 4pm


Rehoboth Beach Book Club

These lovely ladies of Delaware have invited me back, to discuss prequel Orchid Blooming 

Virtual private event

April 18, 2023 10.45-11.30am CST 


Lake Forest IL Book Club

The lovely ladies of Chicago have invited me back, to discuss prequel Orchid Blooming 

Virtual private event

April 19, 2023 7pm EST 


Goodbye, Orchid Book Club

Sean Hopkins, Tracy Francese and the Literary Libationists are hosting me to discuss Goodbye, Orchid – all are welcome

Uncorked Lounge Totowa NJ

April 29-30, 2023 12-4pm


8th Annual Book Lovers Event

Join me at The Brook Hollow Winery for wine, personalized books and more 

594 Highhway 94 Columbia NJ

May 4-6, 2023


IBPA’s 40th Anniversary Publishing University… Navigate, Innovate, Elevate: Charting the Next 40 Years!

Saturday, May 6th 2023 – 90 min Breakout Session Deep Dive, 10:25am-11:55am

“Business Models for Publishing,” a panel showcasing new and innovative publishing business models. We’ll be welcoming onto the stage: Rebekah “Bex” Borucki of Row House; Thad McIlroy from the Future of Publishing; Carol Van Den Hende of Azine Press; Brooke Warner of She Writes Press; with Jared Kuritz as the panel’s moderator.

Coronado Island Marriott Resort and Spa San Diego, CA

May 17, 2023


Books Live Forever “Author of the Day”

May 17th 2023 

Come visit me at this Facebook group for fun, games and prizes!

Sunday May 21, 2023 12pm EST


Word Sleuth Pass-the-Baton Interview with DC Gomez 

Come join DC and I for an Instagram Live!

June 8, 2023


WFWA Women’s Fiction Day & Author Tour

Sign up for my email list between June 1-7 for a chance to win an Orchid Blooming ebook, winner to be selected Jun 8th

Click here for a list of participating authors for more chances to win!

June 10, 2023


Passaic County Book Fair

Weasel Brook Park 794 Park Dr Clifton NJ 

Come visit me for book signings and more!

Sunday June 11, 2023 12pm EST


Interview with author Jeannee Sacken

Pass the Baton: WordSleuth Instagram Live!

June 11-17, 2023


The Pulpwood Queen June 2023 International Book of the Month: Interview with founder Kathy L. Murphy!

Tuesday, June 13th 2023 7pm CST/8pm EST – interview via Zoom

Follow my blog posts all week at the FB group, The Pulpwood Queen Presents Her Picks!

Your chance to ask me questions, and hear about the Fall launch of Always Orchid!

Aug 28, 2023


KG Book Club

Monday, Aug 28th 2023 7pm ET

Return visit to discuss Orchid Blooming with Marci Ober’s book club

2023 Additional News


Dates To Be Announced

NINK Gen Z insights article – Harper St George Mar 2023
Blurb Jeannee Sacken’s THE RULE OF THIRDS (early Aug)
Dec 2023 Azine Press Board meeting

Always Orchid – BookSparks PR 

November 18, 2023 11am


NJ Romance Writers workshop

Persuasion, Presence & Planning: Help Readers Fall in Love with Your Books

With writers increasingly meeting readers at bookstores, book clubs and events, there are more and more opportunities to engage in-person. Did you know that you can approach these events with a service mindset, to help solve problems for THEM? Join this insightful workshop to learn the 1-2-3 Reader Engagement Framework, the 3 Tenets of Good Presence, and the components of the pre-event planning checklist.  You’ll walk away from this hands-on workshop with custom ideas for your own pitch and actionable insights to increase your effectiveness at bookstore signings and more!

January 12-14, 2024


Pulpwood Queens Convention

Readers and writers gather to celebrate literature including 2023 International Book-of-the-Month Orchid Blooming

Join me and many award-winning authors for book talks and more!

Carol’s signature workshops

Brand Land: What is Author Brand and Why Readers Care

Marketing doesn’t have to be daunting. In this insightful session, Carol will demystify what it means to have an author brand, how it’s much more than a logo and web presence, and why it’s foundationally important to do the thinking behind what you want to stand for. We’ll discuss how to apply archetypes to define your unique brand and the components of an author’s brand framework. We’ll also walk through some real-life examples to show the importance of consistency in visual branding. 

Design as Art: 5 Principles to “SPARC” Brilliant Cover Design

Book cover design is a powerful tool to break through the clutter and communicate meaning. Learn about principles of design from a marketing professional. Find out which design elements are most important to keep consistent and why, how to start from your design objectives, and practice assessing design within the right context.

Carol will teach five truths to “SPARC” great design, and share how to apply them to your books:

Truth One: Simplicity breaks through, so don’t stuff everything onto the cover. Focus!
Truth Two: Prioritize your communications hierarchy.
Truth Three: Assess designs against the brief, not personal taste.
Truth Four: Real-life…assess design in situ.
Truth Five: Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Carol’s insights on book cover design have been featured in Pen to Print, Creative Indie, DIYMFA, the Writescast podcast and more places.

Craft Marketing Plans like an Author-preneur

Marketing is the art and science of finding and connecting with your audience. In this hands-on session, Carol will demystify how professional marketers devise marketing plans. As with most success, it starts with setting quantifiable objectives. Carol will cover five principles, along with examples and how to apply them to your book launch:

  • Readers have options, so authors need to relentlessly pursue a near perfect product
  • Entrepreneurs recruit more promoters than detractors
  • Reach then convert
  • Plan early; then test, learn and adjust
  • Marketing is an act of creativity. Approach with an open mindset
Millennials: Apply Generational insights to your writing

Millennials are the largest generation in the US. Find out how they’re defined and insights that can help you write Millennial characters. This session is for you if you’ve ever wondered what events have shaped this cohort, how they’re affected by the weight of college debt, how they’re the most technologically-dependent and diverse generation, and how they’re still fighting the “me, me, me” stereotype. Come to this hands-on workshop to discover insights to help you write authentic characters from this important generation.

Marketing as Mindset: Discover your superpowers

To market your work, you need an author brand, visual identity and well-crafted marketing plans. After the hard work of writing a book, why do these marketing tasks seem daunting? Come to this workshop to learn from 20+ years of marketing and strategy experience. Find out why marketing isn’t manipulation. Overcome the most common marketing blockers using four simple mindset shifts. Join us to experience why one author said after Carol’s workshop: “You inspire me and fire me up every time. I can’t wait to market my book and my why!”


March 25, 2023


Golden States Romance Writers

5 principles to spark brilliant cover design

Thanks to Joyce Cortez, Tiffany, Lisa, Sue, Linda, Lisette, Kim, Jackie, Ava, Leigh, Mark and the whole GSRW group!

March 23, 2023


West Morris Junior Women’s Spring into Success

Thank you to Holly, Melissa, Liza, Lauren and all the volunteers and readers!

March 20, 2023


Tina Hogan Grant interview

great Orchid Blooming discussion with author Tina hogan grant

March 9, 2023


Summit NJ Book Club

great Orchid Blooming discussion with Marian Davies, Lisa, Kara, Marie-France, Traci, Leigh, Dominique, Dawn

March 6, 2023


Leonia Public Library panel

Discussion with Ruth A. Casie, Miriam Allenson, Tracey lyons, moderated by terri brisbin

Feb 28, 2023


Red Penguin Books Launchpad: Countdown to Writing Your Book

Feb 18, 2023


Barnes & Noble Kahului, Hawaii

Book signing

Super day meeting book lovers, who bought 100% of the Orchid Blooming and Goodbye, Orchid inventory in Maui!

Feb 12, 2023


Brook Hollow Winery

Valentine’s day book signing

Sharing literary fun with authors Roz Lee, Judi Fennell, Stacey Komosinski, Kimberley Ash, Victoria Jayne, Ruth A. Casie, and more! 
author Carol Van Den Hende with readers: Lorraine, Tina Rose, Natalie, Margaret, Michaela, Scotty and more

Feb 9, 2023


L.A. Talk Radio

Interview with Jim Bell & Bobbi Jean Bell

“Our featured guest was author Carol Van Den Hende A multi-award-winning author, she pens stories of resilience and hope. Jim read the newest title, Orchid Blooming and I read her first book of the 3 part series Goodbye, Orchid. We talked of the lives (and decisions) of main characters – Phoenix and Orchid, the rich cast of characters surrounding them, the challenges of writing a series and the books’ award-winning designs.”

Jan 16, 2023


The Storytellers

Episode 72: Carol Van Den Hende Inspires Hope & Empathy for People and Planet

Jan 14, 2023


The Pulpwood Queens “East Meets West” panel

Amelia Island Fernandina Beach, FL

Dec 18, 2022


Buffalo Street Books

Wonderful book signing at Buffalo Street Books. I met lovely readers and sold out of Orchid Blooming and Goodbye Orchid! Here’s a selfie with one of my favorite books!


Nov 19, 2022


Golden States Romance Writers

Thanks to Morgan Moore for inviting me to present this foundational workshop!

zoom frames with author Carol Vandenhende and Golden States Romance Writers

Nov 12, 2022


Bookycon Mega Metaverse Conference

Thanks to Nicole Talbott, brant menswar and the readers who joined for a great interview!


Nov 5, 2022


Virginia Romance Writers

Brand land: what is author brand and why readers care

Thanks to Moni Boyce, Kathryn Murphy and the VRW Chapter for a great session!


Nov 1, 2022


Parsippany Public Library

Thanks to Jean-Marie, Dee Ernst, Kimberley Ash and the Parsippany Public Library for a fun event!


Oct 15, 2022


Hoboken Book Festival: Author Talk and Book Signing

Thanks to Ethan, Julie Pu and the Hoboken Public Library for a fun event!


Oct 8, 2022


ASCEND-NJ Inspiring Across Generations Conference

Thanks to Sandip Mehta, Alok Goel and Helen Ahn for welcoming me and Sabahat Khan to speak on the Belonging panel. It was inspiring to share examples of creating space for belonging at work and personally; how intersectionality can amplify our voice; and both challenges and enablers to creating space for inclusion.


Oct 6, 2022


In conversation with Main Street Reads

Thanks to bookseller Shari Stauch for welcoming me to her PQ Bookclub “Well done, you!

You continue to be a rockstar 🙂

Love and hugs,



Oct 2, 2022


Barnes & Noble Bethlehem / Easton PA

Thanks to Ron Evans & Samantha Huebner for welcoming me to B&N 2210 to sign books.


Oct 1, 2022


Liberty States Fiction Writers 

Thanks to Caridad, Sammie, Michele, Gwen, Jay and the whole LSF Board for welcoming me to your special writers’ event to discuss Marketing Mindset.
“Loved the workshop!” – Diane Sismour “Terrific workshop!!” – Mary Ellen Landolfi “Wonderful day! Loved all the marketing tips!” – Elizabeth John “I’m working on edits after you motivated me today.” – Jim Lair “It was great!” – Erica Alexander


Sept 30, 2022


Bridgewater Book Club

Thanks to Lauren, Jo Ann, Mairead, Annemarie, Margaret, Mayra, Amy, and LoriAnn for welcoming me back to your book club to discuss Orchid Blooming.
“We are fans forever, and will follow every single book, because we LOVE your characters”
– Margaret Connolly-Blood, English teach NJ school district


Sept 24, 2022


Barnes & Noble St Pete’s Beach Fl

Thanks to Denny, Chandler, Alex, Cameron and team for welcoming me to B&N St Pete’s Beach FL where we sold 100% of the Orchid Blooming inventory


Sept 22-23, 2022


Novelists Inc Conference

Thanks to Mel Jolly, Tawdra Kandle, Hallee Bridgeman and the NINC Board for welcoming me to speak about Author Brand and Millennial insights at Trade Winds St Pete’s Beach FL


Sept 10, 2022


Thunder Road Books launch party

Thanks to General Manager Kate Czyzewski for welcoming me back to Thunder Road Books🌺


September – October, 2022 (Various times)


Podcasts, Interviews and more:

Storyblender with Steven James 9/20 12pm

Rockin Book Reviews 

KOBO Writing Life 9/6 1.30pm ET

DIYMFA podcast 9/1 3pm

Human Potential@Work 9/8 12pm

She’s Invincible

Story Hour 9/8 4pm

Desideratum 8/30 6pm

Boonton Library Tea Time

Overflowing Bookshelves/Thriving Authors 9/15 4:30pm

Remembering Shanghai blog 9/13

Books Live Forever 9/7

Arell’s Angels FB Group 9/18 7pm

Bookycall launch 8/31

WriteOn! September Spotlight 

Steve Sears journalist Mid-Oct

The Storytellers (Dec 12 2022)

IngramSpark Beach Reads Insta

In conversation with hosts Steven James, LuAnn Worley, Rachel Wharton, Lori Walker, Debra Ruh, Kamie Lehman, Kathy Ramsperger, Theresa Bakken, Lotte Newlin, Dallas Woodburn, Claire Chao, Arell Rivers, Grace Sammon and more!

Join me on my launch tour as we discuss extending Goodbye, Orchid into a trilogy, the good/bad/ugly in launching a B Corps (benefits corporation), and how fiction can shine a light on disability awareness. These podcasts and events are captured in the Orchid Blooming media kit!

Sept 8, 2022


Adventures by the Book Fireside chat

Thanks to Amber Reinhart for interviewing me as part of the Fall series Fireside chats🌺

six book covers and their authors, including Carol Van Den Hende with Orchid Blooming


Sept 7, 2022


Happy to Help Podcast

Thanks to Nicole Smith for interviewing me at the Hunterdon Chamber of Commerce🌺


Sept 1, 2022


Hasty Book List

Thanks to lovely Ashley Hasty, for featuring Orchid Blooming in her “Books Coming Out in September” Hasty Booklist!🌺


Aug 29, 2022


Veterans Breakfast Club

In conversation with Executive Director Todd dePastino. It was an honor to share the story of Orchid Blooming with veterans


June 11, 2022


Warren County Parkfest @ Breadlock Park 

Bread Lock Park 2627 Rt 57 Stewartsville, NJ 08886
Woman with sunglasses and sundress standing beside author Carol VanDenHende. Both are holding copies of Goodbye, Orchid

June 4, 2022


Passaic County Book Fair 

Novel Thoughts: Fiction Writers Talk about their Inspiration with Aleks Brittain, Youth Services Librarian Ringwood Library
Get to Know the Author: Carol Van Den Hende in conversation with Eleana Cordova, Wayne Public Library Adult Reference and Interlibrary Loan Librarian
authors, moderator and attendees at Passaic County author panel

June 3, 2022


I Love 2 Read Literacy Festival 

GOODBYE, ORCHID “Word is Lit” and “Reading is Believing” author readings
author Carol Vandenhende holding a copy of her book Goodbye Orchid, wearing dark blue shirt and white pants

May 21, 2022


Women Who Write Annual Conference

“How to be interviewed for the media and podcasts”
Carol Van Den Hende wearing a fuchsia shirt and Nicole Smith wearing a blue shirt
with Nicole Smith, Room to Read podcast

May 17, 2022


Pulpwood Queens Bonus Book-of-the-Month: Goodbye, Orchid

” I would frame and print your book cover. It’s that gorgeous!” – Kathy L. Murphy
“The success of Goodbye, Orchid…is connected to the subtle meanings threaded through- character names, visuals, cracked orchid on the cover, and more. It was wonderful to hear the stories behind this book!” – Eileen Sanchez, author
“You are an inspiration, Carol! A multi-talented, vibrant, creative and dedicated woman who gives so generously. 🌸 Excited for the next two books in the Orchid trilogy. I appreciate the thought in your choices—down to the naming of your characters. These are the details that weave magic, and add power to the story.” – Barbara Newman, award-winning author

April 21, 2022


Independent Book Publisher’s Association Publishing University

Design as Art: 5 Truths to Spark Brilliant Cover Design
Carol Van Den Hende w
“Carol, you rock. Thank you for a great presentation!” – Dave Bossert
“OMG – how wonderful !!!!!” – Trisha Van Velzer Press
“Fabulous session! Thank you!” – Winsome Lewis
“Excellent Virtual Webinar. Congrats to IBPA” – Ron
“BRAVO Carol!” – Pamela Sheppard

March 26, 2022


Lehigh Valley Book Festival

Sponsored by Let’s Play Books at Bethlehem Area Public Library
author Carol Van Den Hende with three other people at a table being interviewed
“absolutely lovely, responses so insightful, must read!” – Angela Rines, Easton Public Library

March 15, 2022


Lake Forest Book Club

Illinois live and virtual Goodbye, Orchid event
women holding up the book Goodbye, Orchid during a zoom call
“I loved it. I couldn’t put the book down. Even dinner had to wait!” – Shelly Dodds Ayers

March 9, 2022


Peninsula Book Club

Delaware live and virtual Goodbye, Orchid event
group of women in living room with virtual Zoom participants above
“Thank you Carol! We had a great time. Loved your ‘back story’ on becoming a published author…so interesting! We stayed another 45 mins discussing points mentioned online about Goodbye, Orchid!” – Tina L, Peninsula Book Club.

February 26, 2022


Thunder Road Bookstore

In-person book signing #saturdaysigning

February 14, 2022


Veterans Breakfast Club

“Veterans Breakfast Club: is a 501(c)(3) non-profit devoted to gathering veterans with the public to share stories. A big part of their mission is to demonstrate how the lessons learned and wisdom gained from military service (and suffering) are relevant to all of us. Much of what we discuss at the VBC is about sacrifice, courage, and love, which is a perfect link with Goodbye, Orchid.” – Executive Director Todd DePastino

January 13, 2022


Adventures by the Book and Wisconsin Public Library

Presentations by book club favorite authors: B.A. Shapiro, Keisha Bush, Carol Van Den Hende, Caroline Leavitt, Heather Webb, and Wendy Voorsanger for book club friends and readers!

January 8, 2022


Washington D.C. RW

Brand Land: What is Author Brand and Why Readers Care
“Your presentation was fabulous; not only because the information was SO valuable but also because it was a joy to watch a skilled presenter work. You engage your listeners so gracefully. I was very impressed, and re-set my standards for how a good speaker should conduct her business. APPLAUSE!” – Pru Warren, President Washington RW

January 5, 2022


Bookends Review Interview with Editor-in-Chief

“Honestly…one of the best episodes we’ve ever done!” – Jordan Blum, The Bookends Review Editor-in-Chief

December 7, 2021


International Writers’ Network Dublin Ireland Near 90.3FM

Interview with Mary Oyediran

Nov 20, 2021


RWA Annual Conference

Harness Your Marketing Mindset Superpowers workshop

Nov 13, 2021


Boonton Books & Beyond Festival

Elks Lodge Cornelia St Historic Boonton, NJ
“How Combat-Wounded Veterans Inspired Fiction” talk and book signing

Nov 6, 2021


Liberty States Fiction Writers Conference

Design as Art: 5 Principles to SPARC Book Cover Design

Oct 4, 2021


Zibby Books launch and awards event

Center for Fiction
Brooklyn NY

Oct 2, 2021


Hoboken Public Library Booktoberfest

Book talk and author signing
Church Square Park
four authors holding their books, under a tent on a sunny day

Sept 11, 2021


Brand Land: What is Personal Brand & Why Readers Care

First Coast Romance Writers
Fernandina Beach, FL

aug 7, 2021


Brand Land: What is Personal Brand & How to Craft Yours

Jen Lowry PhD Writers’ Conference

june 29, 2021


Personal Brand and How to Craft Yours

YMCA Career Form: Brand Land presentation

may 15, 2021


Women Who Write 10th Annual Conference

Millennials and applying generational insights to your characters

may 7, 2021


Junior League of Morristown Luncheon with Authors

Nationally-recognized authors Carol Van Den Hende, Fiona Davis, Marjan Kamali, Steven Knapp speak with several hundred readers about their works at the Hamilton Country Club
authors Marjan Kamali, Steven Knapp, Carol Van Den Hende

may 6, 2021


Belmar Public Library

Author talk with Luis Pulido, link to Youtube interview here 

April 17, 2021


California Writing Club

Finding Your Author Brand and Your Cause
“Fantastic session. We really got so much out of your talk!” – Geri Spieler, President

March 18, 2021


Bookworm Bookshop

Powder Springs, GA virtual book discussion

february 10 and 20, 2021


The Second Line show with Nola Nash and Write Review interview with Annie McDonnell, JD & Lorie Bridges

Feb 10th: four talented authors shared their work with writer Nola Nash
Feb 20th:Annie McDonnell and I shared the evening with JD & Lorie on the 30th anniversary of his Alive Day

febryary 14, 2021


Valentine’s Day celebration

Four facebook celebration interviews with four authors: Nancy Herkness, JB Schroeder, Jenny Milchman, and Arell Rivers 

january 26 and Feb 3, 2021


Book Stores: Bethany Beach and Hockessin Book Shop

These book stores loved Goodbye Orchid, and wanted their readers to hear about the story behind the story, and what new projects are coming next!

january 11-12, 2021


“Book Clubs: KG Survival Group and Sparta Book Club”

These book clubs loved Goodbye Orchid, many reading the story in a few days! Readers wanted to know about the origin of the idea, the twin brothers, how assumptions lead us astray, and the combat-wounded veterans who inspired the novel.

january 4, 2021


“The Hidden Why Interview with Leigh Martinuzzi”

Leigh interviews me about the “Passion and Purpose” behind Goodbye, Orchid! Click here to listen to my The Hidden Why podcast interview

December 29, 2020


“National Hero Day” Interview with Bronze Star of Valor combat-decorated Doc Jacobs

FB Live – click to view
Doc Jacobs and Carol discuss what it means to be a hero, his favorite honor (Doc Jacobs Day!), and raising money for charities.

DECEMBER 16, 2020


“WWW Goodbye, Orchid Book Club”

Women Who Write
They said “I LOVED the book,” “thank you for writing this,” “flows so beautifully. Phoenix’s experience is emotionally gripping” “love the beautiful messages, it’s the perfect gift!”

DECEMBER 11, 2020


“Tea and Conversation with Cary Memorial Library”

Cary Memorial Library

Fun chatting about the inspiration behind Goodbye, Orchid, the writing process and what’s next.

“Now I can’t wait to read this!” – Christine.

DECEMBER 8, 2020


“Harness your Marketing Mindset Superpowers & Craft Marketing Plans like an Author-preneur”

International Womens’ Writing Guild

After this double-header 3-hour hands-on workshop, authors left with a plan, and felt more confident to market like a pro.

“Inspiring and motivating. Wheels turning”
“I feel that I have a plan now”
“Extremely helpful. I feel excited and ready to face marketing.”
“Thanks, Carol, so informative and inspiring.”
“Thanks, Carol! Very well done!” Details Here

DECEMBER 4, 2020


“The Joan Hamburg Show” Interview with the First Lady of Radio

WABC Radio

Joan shares her thoughts on Goodbye, Orchid and asks Carol about her Chinese-American background The Joan Hamburg Show

OCTOBER 30, 2020

“Publish This! Over Lunch” Interview with David LeGere

Carol and Dave discuss what’s inspiring in the literary world, how we source ideas from our own experiences…and not, and how Goodbye, Orchid can inspire optimism and empathy . Click here to listen:

OCTOBER 27, 2020


International Women’s Writing Guild

Millennial Seminar

Millennials: Applying Generational Insights to writing

OCTOBER 21, 2020

“DIYMFA” Podcast Interview with Gabriela Pereira

Virtual Event Gabriela Pereira and I discuss the three pillars of author marketing, and how Koehler Books and I applied these principles to launch award-winning Goodbye Orchid.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2020


In Conversation with [words] bookstore

Maplewood, NJ

[words] bookstore hosts Carol to discuss Goodbye Orchid. Words Bookstore event

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

“She’s Invincible” Podcast Interview with Kamie Lehmann


Virtual Event

Carol will be featured on Kamie Lehmann’s entrepreneur podcast, “She’s Invincible” on September 21st. Click here to subscribe to the podcast and listen:



Interviews with Jen Lowry, Cari Marquette, John Raab, Jeff Ayers, Steven James, Dorris Burch, r.r. campbell


Discussing award-winning Goodbye Orchid with

Sept 18 Steven James The Storyblender Podcast

Sept 19 Jen Lowry Youtube Interview

Sept 23 Cari Marquette Homemade Sidedgig Podcast

Sept 30 Dorris Burch New Fab You Podcast

Oct 16 r.r. campbell Writescast podcast

Oct 17 John Raab, Jeff Ayers Suspense Magazine interview

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

Carol VanDenHende and Caroline Leavitt Launch Party

Mendham Borough Library

Launch event with New York Times best-selling author Caroline Leavitt

Caroline loves Goodbye, Orchid and says “What do we really owe the ones we love? How far will we go to protect ourselves at the cost of a relationship? When a traumatic accident near-tragically derails a man’s life, can he dare to trust that the woman he adores will stick by him, despite all he’s hidden from her? A richly detailed story of star-crossed lovers that we root for, all told with unforgettable heart and insight.”
—Caroline Leavitt, New York Times Bestselling author of Pictures of You, Cruel Beautiful World and With or Without You


In Conversation with Shari Stauch

“Main Street Reads”

View Youtube video

Shari hosts Carol to discuss Goodbye, Orchid.


World Premiere “Wine and Words: Passion to Reality”

“Mendham TV”

View Free On-Demand

Tune into Mendham TV September 9 from 8-9 p.m. to hear Carol talk about her journey from starting her passion project to turning into a reality.

AUGUST 12, 2020

Polka Dot Powerhouse

“Ben Salem Chapter”

Guest speaker: reinvention over three careers

june 20, 2020

NJ Romance Writers

“Public Speaking for Authorpreneurs”

NJRW author page

june 6, 2020

Rutgers Writers Conference (COVID cancelled)

“Marketing as Mindset”

New Brunswick, NJ

april 24, 2020

NECRWA Annual Conference (COVID cancelled)

“Brand Land: What is Author Brand and Why Readers Care” 

Boston MA

april 4, 2020

Liberty States Fiction Writers Annual Conference (COVID cancelled)

“Design as Art: 5 Principles of Assessing Book Cover Design” 

Clark NJ

NOVEMBER 2, 2019

Valley Forge Romance Writers

“Craft Marketing Plans Like an Authorpreneur” 

Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell PA

OCTOBER 19, 2019

Put Your Heart in a Book Conference

“Marketing as Mindset” 

Renaissance Woodbridge Iselin NJ

JUNE 5, 2019

Kimberley Ash “Forget Me” Book Launch

Mendham Boro Library, Mendham NJ 

Enjoy a fun-filled, lively evening as Kimberley discusses her background, her books, and her process with Carol Van Den Hende. Wine and light refreshments, as featured in her book “Forget Me,” will be served.

MAY 18, 2019

NJ Romance Writers

“Marketing as Mindset” 

Sheraton Edison Hotel, Edison NJ 

To market your work, you need an author brand, visual identity and well-crafted marketing plans. After the hard work of writing a book, why do these marketing tasks seem daunting? Come to this workshop to learn from 20+ Years of marketing and strategy experience. Find out why marketing isn’t manipulation. Overcome the most common marketing blockers using four simple mindset shifts. Join us to experience why authors say “You inspire me and fire me up every time!” 

MARCH 30-31, 2019

Liberty States Fiction Writers’ 10th Annual Conference 


Renaissance Woodbridge Iselin NJ 

BRAND LAND: Applying Best Practices in Branding to your Writing Career
In this fun, fast-paced session, Carol will demystify what an author brand is. You’ll learn why branding is important, how to define your own brand, and the most important principle when translating your brand into a visual world (hint: think consistency!)

Chocolate and Books from Around the World
Come take a trip with your favorite stories from around the world and beyond, with chocolate and treats to accompany your visit.
Travel from Italy to France, China and even beyond the stars by exploring favorites like Da Vinci Code, Toujours Provence to newer titles like Crazy Rich Asians and The Martian…
in a multi-media experience accompanied by Italian desserts, chocolate croissants, Chinese candies and MILKY WAY Bars!

NOVEMBER 27, 2018


“Applying Best Practices in Branding to Your Writing Career”

6:00-8:00 PM | The Jefferson Market Library 425 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave. at 10th Street) New York, NY

What’s more mysterious than marketing yourself as an author? In today’s busy world, attention spans have dropped and it’s tough to break through. So what’s one way to make every marketing investment work harder? Know your brand, translate it into a visual identity and keep the key aspects consistent over time. In this fun, fast-paced workshop, you’ll learn why brand is important, how to use professional marketing tools to define your brand, and the most important portions to keep consistent. means to have an author brand, how it’s much more than a logo and web presence, and why it’s foundationally important to do the thinking behind what you want to stand for. We’ll discuss how to apply archetypes to define your unique brand and the components of an author’s brand framework. We’ll also romp through some real-life examples to show the importance of consistency in visual branding.


Marisa Corvisiero, Esq of Corvisiero Agency Author-preneur Conference

“Building an Author Platform & Brand: Marketing Books”

Oyster Point Hotel Red Bank, NJ

This presentation will cover the essentials of building and growing a platform and marketing books; what is a platform, who needs one and why, with a focus on branding and promoting. As the necessity for author platforms continues to grow, our goal is to help Authors be able to bring their projects to their readers and increase their visibility so that they sell more books and continue to reach new readers.

AUGUST 10-12, 2018

Writer’s Digest Annual Conference

“Millennials: Applying Generational Insights to Your Writing” and “Applying Best Practices in Design to Your Book Covers”

New York Hilton; New York, NY.

Writing Tips from Writer’s Digest Conference, including: “Be a great collaborator if you are working with a designer. Knowing what you want helps you determine whether you like the design you get and work with the designer to achieve a shared objective.” – Carol Van Den Hende

JUNE 16, 2018

NJ Romance Writers’ Workshop

“Craft Your Marketing Plans like a Pro!”

General Meeting begins at 10.30 AM | Renaissance Woodbridge, Iselin NJ.

JUNE 10, 2018

Women Who Write Workshop

“Craft Your Marketing Plans like an Authorpreneur!”

1;30 – 3:00 PM | New Providence Library; New Providence, NJ

JUNE 2-3, 2018

NJ-SCBWI Annual Conference

“Applying Best Practices in Branding to Your Writing Career”

Hyatt Regency; New Brunswick, NJ

OCTOBER 21, 2017

Women Who Write Opening Keynote Address

“Applying Best Practices in Branding to Your Writing Career”

Madison Community House, Madison NJ

OCTOBER 14, 2017

NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book Annual Conference

“Millennials: Applying Generational Insights to Your Writing”

Renaissance Woodbridge, Iselin NJ


Valley Forge Writers Group Workshop

“Applying Best Practices in Design to Your Book Covers”

Montgomery County Community College Blue Bell, PA

AUGUST 18, 2017

Writer’s Digest Annual Conference

“Applying Best Practices in Branding to Your Writing Career”

Hilton New York Midtown New York, NY

MAY 6, 2017

Women Who Write Published Authors Network

“Applying Best Practices in Design to Your Book Covers”

New Providence Library New Providence, NJ

FEBRUARY 18, 2017

NJ Romance Writers Workshops

“Millennials: Applying Generational Insights to Your Writing” and “Design Thinking”

Renaissance Woodbridge Iselin, NJ

OCTOBER 15, 2016

NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book Annual Conference

“Design as Art: 5 Professional Principles of Book Cover Design”

Renaissance Woodbridge Iselin, NJ

SEPTEMBER 10, 2016

Women Who Write Published Authors Network

“Apply Professional Branding Frameworks to Your Brand as an Author”

New Providence Library New Providence, NJ

OCTOBER 17, 2015

NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book Annual Conference

“Apply Professional Branding Frameworks to Your Brand as an Author”

Renaissance Woodbridge Iselin, NJ

JANUARY 17, 2015

NJ Romance Writer’s Workshop

“Design as Art: 5 Professional Principles of Book Cover Design”

Woodbridge Hilton Woodbridge, NJ

NOVEMBER 15, 2014

NJ Romance Writer’s Workshop

“*YOU* as Brand: Applying Professional Frameworks to Your Brand as an Author”

Woodbridge Hilton Woodbridge, NJ

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